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Sinks has the best prices for Kitchen, Bath, and Plumbing supplies. You can find supplies and thousands of parts for Bathroom and Kitchen including cabinets, Faucets, kitchen and bath Lighting, Toilets, Parts for kitchen and bath, and more!

Top 10 Home Plumbing Repair Problems

Top 10 Home Plumbing Repair Problems... Read More

Plumbing Doctor has the most plumbing products!

Our site carries the largest number of products in Plumbing, Kitchen, Showers, Faucets, Toilets, Parts, Fixtures, Vanities, Bathtubs, Accessories, and Sinks.... Read More

Tyler names Sterling Bowman new vice president of sales

p Tyler Pipe & Coupling is a premier manufacturer of cast iron soil pipe and fittings and couplings for the plumbing industry./p...

Truck of the Month: Petri Plumbing and Heating, Brooklyn, N.Y.

p Six years ago, he got the company involved in Green Plumbers USA because of his belief in the green initiative in plumbing./p...

Big drain, little drain

The debate continues on pipe size....

PM Profile: BrassCraft’s Rick Mejia, Pete Kattula and Jennifer Burke

BrassCraft continues to focus on innovative ways to help its customers....

Fluidmaster water-supply connectors

p Fluidmaster offers a complete line of water-supply connectors for washing machines, icemakers, dishwashers, water heaters, faucets and toilets that are built to last./p ...

Grohe multisensory shower system

p Grohe’s F-Digital Deluxe is a multisensory shower system that stimulates the senses. /p ...

Axor decorative shower system

p Axor’s Citterio E shower products and Citterio showerpipe delivers on looks, performance and luxury./p ...