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Top 10 Home Plumbing Repair Problems

Top 10 Home Plumbing Repair Problems... Read More

Plumbing Doctor has the most plumbing products!

Our site carries the largest number of products in Plumbing, Kitchen, Showers, Faucets, Toilets, Parts, Fixtures, Vanities, Bathtubs, Accessories, and Sinks.... Read More

PM Profile: Jomar Valve's Paul Craig and Adam Stier

p After beginning his career as a a href=/keywords/manufacturers%20repsmanufacturers rep/a selling product for Hammond Valves and Tyler Pipe, strongJoseph Martin/strong started importing his own mix of products (including to...

Letters to the Editor

Keeping politics out of Plumbing & Mechanical; Heat pump water heaters not worth the hype...

ISH China trade show shifts focus to smart green buildings

ISH China trade show shifts focus to smart green buildings....

Truck of the Month: Plumbing and Pipe Technologies, Raleigh, N.C.

p Plumbing and Pipe Technologies, Raleigh, N.C./p ...

Training the new generation of plumbers and HVAC techs

p It has been said for many years now, by many companies, that it is hard to find skilled employees./p...

A lesson about PERT: Matching the appropriate materials to the proper application

p Polyethylene raised temperature-type materials have been used successfully in domestic hot and cold water piping systems for more than 20 years, and in application areas such as radiant underfloor heating and radiator connectio...

U.S. International Trade Commission votes to continue flange investigations

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