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Donít Flush This

Your toilet is not a garbage disposal! The commode is designed to flush only two things and one of those is toilet paper. Anything else you try to flush down could cause your toilet to clog or create major blockages farther on down your sewer line.

Minimizing your risk of flush-related toilet clogs isn’t complicated, but it does require a bit of work on your part to make sure things stay where they need to be. You can start by:

Keeping your bathroom organized – keeping the clutter in your bathroom down to a minimum will ensure that you don’t accidentally knock something into your toilet, or down your sink drain.  If you do knock something in, sorry but you’re going to have to get it out.

Putting the lid down – far from a pointless, naggy task, keeping the toilet lid down is a simple and certain way to keep unwanted household items out of the toilet.

Now even the best precautions are not enough to keep people from accidentally (or intentionally if you have small kids) dropping things down the drain. Some things we’ve found during routine drain cleanings include:

  • Cell phones – always check your pockets if you think there’s any risk of losing anything in there. Removing cell phones, wallets, and keys from pockets could prevent a potentially embarrassing situation from occurring.
  • Sanitary Napkins – Contrary to popular believe these should not be thrown in the toilet
  • “Flushable” wipes – sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but those supposed flushable wipes are usually not safe for flushing – they’re thicker than toilet paper and don’t break down properly. Your best bet is to stick with standard toilet paper.
  • In-tank toilet cleaners - In-tank toilet cleaners won’t clog your toilet, but the substances in these cleaners will often deteriorate the mechanisms in your toilet. You’re better off scrubbing the old fashioned way, ideally with a natural cleaning product like white vinegar.
  • Prescription drugs – throwing prescription drugs down the drain is not safe and can be seriously harmful to the environment. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has laid out guidelines about what can and can’t safely be put down the drain. Many pharmacies will properly dispose of prescription medications for you.

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