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Signs Something Might be Wrong with Your Water Line

Most of the time, homeowners are responsible for the condition and maintenance of their water line leading from their water meter and their home. And while these main sewer lines are designed to last for decades, they do tend to be prone to rust, corrosion and damage – particularly in older homes. If your main sewer line fails, you’ll need to have it repaired by a professional. Fortunately, new technologies, including trenchless pipe repair, make sewer line repair a much less painful procedure.

Since your sewer line is located underground, it can be difficult to see when you need to have it repaired. So how do you know if your water main line needs to be serviced by a professional?  Some signs are far more obvious than others, including:

  • Visible water leakage in your yard
  • Collapsed ground or sidewalks near your property
  • Reduced water supply in your home

Of course, these are all serious signs of water main failure and indicate that you should call a plumber for emergency plumbing service right away. There are other, more subtle signs that you can be on the lookout for that might help you get the service you need before it becomes a problem:

  • Feeble ground near where your line should be
  • Puddles or pooling in the yard
  • Lack of or decreasing water pressure
  • Water bills that are higher than usual
  • Water meter that moves even when the water inside is turned off

Water service lines are critical to your home’s water supply.  All of the water to your home flows through the water main line thus making it all the more important to ensure that this connection is solid, sediment free, and durable enough to last a long time.

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