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Faucet Repair and Replacement


A faucet that is dripping or not working can be inconvenient and downright annoying! If you need faucet repair or faucet replacement make sure to call a reliable, experienced plumber like AAA Plumbing Doctor of Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana. We see a wide range of faucet malfunctions each day. Some of the most common are:
•    Leaky Faucet
•    Low Water Pressure
•    Leaky Vegetable Sprayer
•    Non Operable Knobs
•    Poor Water Flow
•    Squeal Or Squeak When Faucet Is On

Most complications are due to normal wear and tear on a faucet that is just old. However, some issues can be because of a manufacturer defect or poor installation.

Our plumbers are experienced and will not be guessing when they come make your faucet repair. What may seem like a small problem now can become a catastrophic event if the repair attempt is unsuccessful. For example, have you ever decided to fix something yourself and gone to the local home improvement store and get the part you need, spend an hour or two attempting to repair, then realize you have the wrong part? You have wasted a whole day, made two trips to the store, bought two parts, and sometimes it’s still not fixed!

When we arrive at your home, we will:
•    Listen To Your Concerns
•    Inspect The Faucet
•    Test The Faucet Components
•    Provide A Quote With Upfront Pricing

After presenting you with a quote and several different options for either repair or replacement, we will begin the work. For a leaking faucet, a squeaky faucet or a faucet that has non-working knobs; replacing washers, nuts and seals can typically fix the issue. Poor water flow from the faucet head is usually solved by cleaning or replacing the aerator and vegetable sprayer that is not functioning, typically needs a diverter change or cleaning.

Your faucet typically has a usable life of 10 to 15 years; if your faucet is older, we may recommend a total replacement. Faucets on the market today have several great features including touch sensitive models, attached sprayer models, and decorative features. If you are interested in a total faucet replacement, our plumbers will be happy to assist yo

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