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Economy adds 155,000 jobs in November, unemployment rate remains unchanged

The unemployment rate of 3.7% in November marked the first time since 1969 that it has not exceeded 3.7% for three straight months....

Tool Tips: Fixing a leak in a tight space

Tool Tips—December 2018...

PM Profile: A. O. Smith's David Chisolm and Matt Schulz

Earlier this year, PM headed down to Ashland City, Tennessee, for a visit to A. O. Smith’s residential water-heater facility where we chatted with Vice President of Marketing David Chisolm and Senior Manager of Commercial New Product Development Matt Schulz....

The urinal that precipitated modern art

Since the role played by plumbing in the history of modern art in America has largely escaped the attention of its critics, it would be no surprise it has also failed to fascinate its plumbers, who consequently might be intrigued to learn that the most influential work of art of the twentieth century was a urinal....

What plumbers should know about food waste disposers

Food waste disposers, which grind and shred food waste so it can pass more safely through plumbing systems, are present in three out of four homes built within the last two decades in the U.S., according to the U.S. Census Bureau....

BNP Media names Ed McMenamin chief editor of PM Engineer

Prior to his appointment, McMenamin worked on Quality and Appliance Design magazines....

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