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Getting ready to host overnight guests Letís assume you have a bed (or air mattress) and coverings on all the windows. Thatís a great start! This list will help fill in all the little things your guests will want to have on hand for a comfortable nightís sleep. What you wonít find here: season-specific......

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Remodeling is an opportunity to create a space that reflects your personal style ó but just as important, itís an opportunity to incorporate better functionality for your everyday living. As a professional organizer, Iíve seen homes that were aesthetically gorgeous but just didnít flow well for my clientsí......

Great Idea: Windows Behind Kitchen Cabinets (5 photos)

One common conundrum in kitchen design is choosing between upper cabinets and windows. But lately, a clever idea has been trending ó placing windows behind cabinets outfitted with clear glass. This is a have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too solution ó thereís ample storage for plates and glassware, with natural......

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Houzz Tour: Austin Transplants Get Their Dream Bungalow (13 photos)

When Vanessa Scotto and Mario Murillo moved from Miami to Austin, Texas, they put living in a quintessential Austin bungalow at the top of their list of home priorities. After they found a house that needed some work, they moved the hiring of an interior designer to the top of the list.......

SKU-KZQZK9 Rust-Oleum 00408 Zinsser Shellac Sealer & Finish, Clear ~ 12oz from Hardware World  sku

Rust-Oleum 00408 Zinsser Shellac Sealer & Finish, Clear ~ 12oz - KZQZK9 by Rust-Oleum

Item description: This Hardware Primers & Sealers product is by Rust-Oleum - BULLS EYE SHELLAC SEALER & FINISH3 lb. cut clear finish for wood and craftsUse on louvers, wicker, dries flowers & craftsSeals knots, water stains, graffiti & spackle spotSticks to metal, ceramic tile, iron work & screenNon-toxic, safe for children's toys & food areaDries to touch in 15 min.; topcoat in 45 min.Great as fast drying, deep tint base primer-for dark color topcoats... Learn More

Manufacturer: Rust-Oleum

Category: Primers & Sealers


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