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SKU-7OAIUE Wooster  0041530030 Lindbeck Brush 4153 ~ 3 from Hardware World  sku

Wooster 0041530030 Lindbeck Brush 4153 ~ 3 - 7OAIUE by Wooster

Item description: This Hardware Paint Brushes product is by Wooster - ULTRA/PRO EXTRA-FIRM LINDBECK(R) BRUSHUltra/Pro Lindbeck angle sash brushPurple NylonPlus/purple & black nylon filamentsExtra-firm formulation, strong touchCleans up fast when finishedRound, rust-resistant steel ferruleSealed maple wood handleThickness: 11/16"... Learn More

Manufacturer: Wooster

Category: Paint Brushes


See the Price of Wooster  0041530030 Lindbeck Brush 4153 ~ 3

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