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SKU-10K8OU Wooster  00R2320090 Epoxy Roller Cover~9in. from Hardware World  sku

Wooster 00R2320090 Epoxy Roller Cover~9in. - 10K8OU by Wooster

Item description: This Hardware Roller Covers product is by Wooster - EPOXY GLIDE ROLLER COVERProprietary, dark gray, shed-resistant fabricUse epoxy glide for all epoxies & urethanesFor water or solvent based productsGreat pickup, release and flow for fast resultsGreen, double-thick polypropylene core resists-water, solvents and cracking1/4" nap for smooth surfaces... Learn More

Manufacturer: Wooster

Category: Roller Covers


See the Price of Wooster  00R2320090 Epoxy Roller Cover~9in.

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TEXTURE MAKER ROLLER COVERLoop fabric for coating heavy-textured surfacesDurable polypropylene core for repeated useCreates deep to classic textured patterns ...See The Price
  Wooster 00R2340090 Popcorn Accoustic Roller Cover, R234
POPCORN/ACOUSTICAL ROLLER COVERThick, multi-slit, orange foam roller coverGentle-complete coverageFor all latex, acrylic or alkyd paintsSpecifically for uneven surfaces like ceilingsAlso for textured walls, masonry and stuccoPVC core resists water and solvents ...See The Price
  Wooster 00R2360090 R236 9in. Polar Bear Rlr Cover
POLAR BEAR(R) WOVEN ROLLER COVERProprietary white plush fabric for huge paint-pickup and releaseFor all flat, satin or eggshell paints, stains,-sealers and primersReaches into textures and uneven spacesProvides a smooth finishGreen(TM) double-thick polypropylene core -resists water, solvents and crackingSurfaces: Med - Rough ...See The Price