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SKU-TVE06L Wooster  00R2430180 Superfab Roller Cover ~ 18 x  1-1/4 nap from Hardware World  sku

Wooster 00R2430180 Superfab Roller Cover ~ 18 x 1-1/4 nap - TVE06L by Wooster

Item description: This Hardware Roller Covers product is by Wooster - SUPER/FAB(R) ROLLER COVERSProprietary golden yellow knit fabricFor latex or oil flat paintResists matting for complete coverageGreen(TM) double-thick polypropylene coreResists water, solvents and crackingSurfaces: Extra Rough... Learn More

Manufacturer: Wooster

Category: Roller Covers


See the Price of Wooster  00R2430180 Superfab Roller Cover ~ 18 x  1-1/4 nap

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