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SKU-0950785 8.5 in. W x 11.5 in. D x 8.5 in. H Pre-Pressurized Steel Water Expansion Tank from Home Depot  sku

8.5 in. W x 11.5 in. D x 8.5 in. H Pre-Pressurized Steel Water Expansion Tank - 0950785 by Watts

Item description: This Plumbing WATER HEATERS product is by Watts - You're sure to have hot water when you need it with the Watts Pre-Pressurized Steel Water Expansion Tank. Made from strong, durable steel, this tank can be used with gas, electric or oil heaters. An expansion membrane prevents air and water contact, with a rubber diaphragm that flexes when water heats.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Watts



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