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Houzz Tour: A Frequent Traveler Makes Himself at Home in a Hotel (14 photos)

divdivWhen his job required frequent and lengthy travel to Houston, a health coach decided to take his stay at the Four Seasons to the next level, or in this case, the 26th./divbr/diva href=

Up to 80% Off Area Rugs by Hue (145 photos)

divdivThese floor coverings weave together warmth, softness and intricate designs. Add a layer of style to your space. br/bSale ends November 23, 2017./b/divbr/diva href=

Kitchen of the Week: Asymmetry Creates a Standout Space (9 photos)

divdiv/divbr/diva href= border=0 src= border=0 src=htt...

Tell Us About the People You Want to Thank This Year (4 photos)

divdivFor many people and in many ways, 2017 has been a difficult year. Our nation has faced a steady beat of natural disasters and terrible attacks — people have lost homes and, worse yet, loved ones. And many of us also have had...

Are You Overlooking This Key Piece of Bathroom Decor? (11 photos)

divdivAfter finalizing the flooring and faucets for your bathroom, you may be tempted to give the window treatment short shrift. But a thoughtful choice can really enhance the room’s overall look — as these beautiful bathing space...

How to Make Your Mudroom Shine (7 photos)

divdivA recent Houzz Call for a rel=nofollow target=_blank href= mudroom photos/a drew a lot of praise for this drop-it-all zone off the e...

Turkey Day Countdown: 7 Things to Do This Weekend (7 photos)

divdivWith just one weekend to go before Thanksgiving, the countdown to turkey day has truly begun! If you’re hosting, your checklist probably feels miles long. But even if you’re visiting family for the holiday, there are still t...