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19 Design Tricks to Maximize a Small Kitchen (21 photos)

Designing a small kitchen may seem like a challenge, but it’s also an opportunity to pull out some clever tricks for maximizing its function and increasing its visual size. Here are some of my favorite ways to do just that. ...

Houzz Tour: A Joint Effort Rescues a Centuries-Old ‘Ruin’ (22 photos)

It’s hard not to fall in love with Italy. Russian designer Zhenya Zhdanova’s clients loved it so much that they decided to buy a vacation home on Lake Garda. The ancient farmhouse cost only as much as a one-room apartment in Moscow’s suburbs for a reason: The deed to the property officially classified......

How Smart Devices Make Homes More Accessible (5 photos)

Many smart devices, such as those with built-in virtual assistants, are becoming more and more popular to have at home, and older adults have found that the devices can help them live......

A Cozy Condo Gets an Eclectic Refresh (8 photos)

Not a lot had changed about this condo since the building was constructed in 1922, and that didn’t bother this couple much. He was earning his masters degree in English (he’s since graduated), and she is an artist. “Both of them appreciated the nostalgia they associated with the architecture of the building,......

Chandeliers With Free Shipping (160 photos)

For graceful shapes that illuminate your space, choose from any of these modern and traditional chandeliers. With complimentary shipping, this collection lightens up your home without weighing down your wallet....

11 New Kitchen Cabinet Ideas You’ll See More of This Year (22 photos)

If you’re looking to update your kitchen style for the new year with something different, you might consider reworking your cabinets. These new cabinet ideas will likely be showing up more in 2018, but I’m betting you’ll be seeing them around for years to come....