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Photography Tips to Help You Capture the Beauty of Your Garden (6 photos)

divdivIf you ever wonder what someone cares about, watch what he or she photographs. We take pictures of the people we love, projects we worked hard on and moments that brought us joy. However, what is a photo if it’s not high qua...

Houzz Tour: A Lake Retreat in Living Color (10 photos)

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The 8 Germiest Places in Your Kitchen (8 photos)

divdivThe kitchen has more places for cooties than anywhere else in your home – even more than your bathroom, on average. We are going to look at those spots where bacteria love to hide and give you some tips and tools to keep the...

Top Bathroom Products With Free Shipping (136 photos)

divdivWhether you’re upgrading or starting with a clean slate, this curated collection contains all the essentials for an enhanced washroom experience. Shop this collection for popular fixtures, furniture, lighting, linens and mor...

We Can Dream: How to Design a Gracious Motor Court (12 photos)

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A Buyer’s Guide to Covers for Cozy Winter Nights (13 photos)

divdivspanSnuggling in bed under a layer of cozy covers makes for a deliciously warm feeling, especially in the face of unrelenting winter chill. If you’re in the market for a new blanket or quilt, be sure to read this guide for a...

My Houzz: Efficiency Rules in a 450-Square-Foot Studio (19 photos)

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