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How to Prepare Your California Home for Winter: Interior Maintenance

California winters may be mild, but it’s still important to perform home winterization tasks in the fall. In our previous article, we covered exterior home winterization. In this segment, we’ll go over some interior maintenance steps to help you prepare your California home for winter.   Service your furnace. Many homeowners take their central heating systems for granted, but this can be a risky move. When a furnace isn’t properly maintained, it performs less efficiently (which results in ...

Specialty Spotlight: Reupholstering Your Furniture

Whether you want to bring new life to a treasured heirloom or just freshen up your living room, reupholstering your furniture might be the answer.   It happens to all of us. The kitten sharpens his claws on your couch. A guest spills wine on your chair. Your once-lovely living room has turned dingy seemingly overnight. Whatever the cause, restoration is in order and it might be time to consider reupholstery. Here’s what you need to know. When does it make sense to reupholster Reupholstering...

How To Choose a Contractor

Today we’re republishing one of our most popular (and useful) posts from Joy Lanzaro, Director of Mediation & Compliance. Here are eight steps you can take to hire a reputable remodeling contractor:  Obtain multiple bids (if possible). Getting multiple bids is a great way to ensure you’re making an informed choice. If you sign a contract, you have exactly three days to rescind in writing. Upon rescission, the contractor must return your deposit. If your area has been declared a disast...

Industry Overview: Solar

Solar panels are popular with homeowners seeking environmentally-friendly energy solutions. But the reality of choosing and installing solar panels gets a little complicated once homeowners start learning about all the options that are available. Below, we define commonly used terms in the solar industry, discuss the pros and cons of going off-grid, and answer some frequently asked questions regarding solar power.   Key Terms for Solar Energy Systems Consultation: A knowledgeable representa...

How to Be Their Favorite Customer

Today, we’re revisiting a subject important to anyone embarking on a home improvement project: how you can help streamline the process by being a good customer. Below, Greg Louie, CEO of American Ratings Corporation, discusses what you can do to help foster the success of any project. How to Be Their Favorite Customer When you work with a local company, it’s ultimately their responsibility to perform a thorough and complete job, but you play a big part in the success of your project, too. ...

Hiring a Kitchen & Bath Contractor | Infographic

We break down the steps for hiring a kitchen and bath contractor with this handy infographic. We hope you find it helpful, and let us know how your kitchen or bathroom remodel goes! Read more The post Hiring a Kitchen & Bath Contractor | Infographic appeared first on Diamond Certified. ...