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Fixtures News:

#135: How Many Dollhouses Is Too Many Dollhouses?

If you think our podcast has tackled this question already, JUST YOU WAIT! The universe recently tested Sherry’s dollhouse fixation and whether she passed or failed it, well, may depend on who you ask. We also share what item Ikea was mysteriously selling in bulk – but only in America (we laughed out loud at the big reveal) and we hear from some listeners about how space makeovers can affect behavior in a fascinating way. Plus some interesting lessons someone learned when they challenged t...

Tons Of Curtain Hanging Tips & A Quick Way To Hang Rods

Last fall we shared our trick for hanging affordable Ikea curtains so they look a lot more expensive than their $14 price tag per panel would suggest (across an entire house you can save thousands with that trick & these curtains alone!!). But since we were just replacing our old bedroom curtains when we wrote that post, we skipped the crucial step of actually hanging the curtain rods themselves. And since we just installed approximately one million curtains at the duplex (okay, 16 of them, ...

#134: Where Have All The Family Photos Gone?

Today we’re sharing how to find the right balance when you’re choosing between artwork or family photos for certain walls – and we’re revealing where we’ve subconsciously gravitated towards putting personal photos in our own home (and why we think that is!). We also have tips for how to personalize your walls beyond the usual smiling-at-the-camera snapshot. And we’ve officially gone shed crazy (like really, really shed crazy), and the silver lining that we discovered after a ye...

The Tools (And Tricks) You Need To Install An Ikea Kitchen Yourself

Many of you have asked for tips and tricks to make installing an Ikea kitchen go more smoothly and look (and function) the best it possibly can. And the good news is that after installing three of them in a little over a year and a half (!!!), we have learned A TON about how to make things a little easier and help you end up with a better result. So settle in, I’ve got twenty tools & tips that can make all the difference. First off, we like Ikea cabinets and have personally installed t...

#133: The Fascinating Ways Homes Differ Around The World

Over 600 people wrote in to tell us about design norms from their specific country or region, and today we’re sharing some of the most popular, interesting, and unique responses. From the different ways we sleep and shower, to how we do laundry and how we do, um, our business – you guys gave us a fascinating window into how and why homes don’t all look alike around the globe. I also issue a public apology for fighting Sherry on a design choice in the duplex kitchen, and we share the Instag...

A Front Porch Makeover At The Duplex!

It feels like a while since you’ve seen the front of the duplex (I blame winter) but that’s going to change today. And let me tell you… THINGS HAVE TURNED A CORNER! There’s no landscaping yet, the grass is patchy, and Sean the Contractor’s gigantic sign is still there… … but boy oh boy is she lookin’ fynnnnnnnneee when we compare her to where we started: All of the not original details came down – like the weird plastic wagon wheels and stran...

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