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Fixtures News:

#120: The Big Fight We Had Over A Microwave

Remember when we got into it over a refrigerator back in Episode #74 Well, the location of an appliance recently had us battling over two different kitchen layouts – this time for the duplex. So this week we’re sharing our competing perspectives on form versus function, and how we finally came to a compromise that checks both boxes (but not until I spent a few days cooling off). We’re also sharing why this stage of the duplex renovation is especially brain-bending, and what we’...

Before & Afters Of Our Beach House: Downstairs

I’m not sure I’ve ever been so excited to share before and after photos as I am today. Last month marked the 2-year anniversary of buying the beach house and while we never like to declare a home “done,” this place has come so far that this felt like a good moment to look back at everything (and to document what’s still ahead). We’ve dug up dozens of before photos (including many that we haven’t ever shared!) and we’ve done our best to find or take...

#119: What Almost Derailed Our Painted House Makeover

Now that we’ve completed our big brick house painting project, we’re sharing all the behind-the-scenes twists & turns of the previous week (believe me, the hits kept coming). A big task like this can veer off course pretty quickly… which it did… more than once! We’re also sharing why it turned out better than we expected and what’s next on the list. Plus, John needs advice from other gadget lovers out there and we’ve got more info about our upcoming furniture line launch. You can downl...

Painting Our Brick House White!

The weather hasn’t been perfect for photos and our landscaping isn’t looking it’s finest at the moment, but I couldn’t give two flying squirrels because I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT OUR PAINTED BRICK HOUSE THAT I LITERALLY CANNOT EVEN. I am unable to even. And I’m a 36 year old suburban mom, so that’s saying something. Our house is so heartbreakingly beautiful I literally would not be surprised if it started glimmering in the sun like Edward the vampire...

#118: The Not-So-Calm Before The White Brick Storm

Amidst all the excitement of getting our brick house painted white last week (!!!) there was some behind-the-scenes stress leading up to the big transformation. So this week we’re sharing the realities of a major undertaking like this, including the fears we have about what happens next. We’re also talking to a very special guest after she won our hearts and some of yours. Plus, how it feels to have your Instagram account hacked, our new favorite decorating show, and the celebrity that has final...

New Video House Tour!

It surprised us to realize it has been nearly two years since our last video house tour. And we were even more surprised to realize how much our house has changed in that time! In my head, we hadn’t really done much here in Richmond since we’ve been focused on the beach house and the duplex renovations, but when we re-watched those 2016 videos it felt like AGES ago – we hadn’t turned our son’s nursery into a big boy bedroom, our daughter’s room was mid-makeove...

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