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Kitchen of the Week: Hardworking Style Holds Up to a Busy Family (9 photos)

Ryan and Mindy Gledhill lead busy lives. She’s an indie-pop recording artist who frequently tours, he’s the CEO of a company that manufactures dietary supplements. Meanwhile, they’re raising three sons and two Portuguese water dogs and entertain often. So when they built their three-level hillside home......

New This Week: 6 Bold and Beautiful Dining Rooms (6 photos)

When it comes to going bold with design, it seems the dining room is the new powder room. Designers have long treated compact powder rooms as a chance to go a little over the top with bold patterns and interesting materials. Now it seems that formal dining rooms are getting the same treatment — which......

High-Performance Rugs With Free Shipping (139 photos)


How to Donate or Recycle Home Remodeling Materials (3 photos)

Visit any remodeling project during its demolition phase, and you might think that those piles of broken concrete, asphalt, wood, drywall, brick, metal, glass and more are just junk heaps destined for a landfill. Not so fast. Many construction and demolition materials......

Houzz Tour: Collectibles and Color in a 1930s Cottage (18 photos)

For years Randy and Cindi Maddox filled their more than 5,000-square-foot home with antiques and other collectibles. But after raising three kids and downsizing to a cozy Arkansas cottage half the size of their previous home, the couple needed help figuring out what to bring with them and what to let......

10 Home-Wellness Essentials for a Healthy Life (10 photos)

Home ought to be a haven of rest, relaxation and wellness. And while the term “wellness” gets bandied about an awful lot these days, the fact remains that there are some things you can do to help your home work harder to keep you healthy. Read on for 10 essentials that really make a difference, like......

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