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What is a Power Surge & How to Protect Your Home

Our lives orbit around the use of computers, appliances, and other tech gadgets, so when a power surge strikes, protecting their infrastructure is paramount. Surge protection is an investment in your electronics and appliances, and in your safety. It safeguards your valuable equipment during a power surge that can crash hard drives and modems or […]...

How to Choose a Thermostat for Your Home

Not long ago, there were only two basic categories of thermostats: manual and programmable. But in the age of the Internet of Things, we now have a third option — the smart thermostat — that allows a level of climate control we didnít have before. And while the smart thermostat is the thermostat of the […]...

7 Energy Efficiency Home Improvements and Upgrades for Your New Home

Buying a home and personalizing it to your tastes and needs is often an exciting experience. But while youíre picking out paint swatches and considering installing that new kitchen island, remember that some home improvements are more substance than style. While they may seem less exciting now, energy-efficient upgrades can have you jumping for joy […]...

Energy Efficient and EnergyStar Appliances Checklist

Major appliances represent major investment in your home, so you want them to be as energy-efficient as possible. EnergyStar qualified appliances are even more energy efficient than those meeting the federal minimum standard for energy efficiency Since there are so many different types and classes of major appliances, itís really important for you to have […]...

How Much Electricity Does a Dishwasher Use?

Dishwashers actually use a surprising amount of energy. Thatís because the big by-product of a dishwasher is heat. And thatís not a good thing to have in your home in the middle of a hot summer because all that heat winds up adding to your homeís cooling load. To become a bit more savvy about […]...

When is the Best Time of Year to Buy New Appliances?

Modern appliances make everyday life so much easier, and with the ongoing advances in energy efficiency, the latest models typically cost less to operate than ever before. But thereís one expense you just canít avoid forever: replacement. On a long enough timeline, all household appliances must head for the recycling center to make room for […]...

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