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  • Wine Pourer

    Wine Pourer
    This Wine Pourer from Starfrit ensures you can pour your wines with no drips and no mess. Attractive and easy to use. Pour wine with no spills....(more)

    $6.16 More Details
  • Wine Saver with 2 Stoppers

    Wine Saver with 2 Stoppers
    Seal your bottles and preserve your wine with the Starfrit Wine Saver. Easily vacuum seal your favorite wines. Just as easily release the seals when you are rea...(more)

    $9.44 More Details
  • 3-Piece Wine Accessory Kit

    3-Piece Wine Accessory Kit
    The Starfrit 3-Piece Wine Accessory Kit has just what a wine lover needs. The waiter's corkscrew is the easiest way to remove corks. The drip-free pourer is air...(more)

    $17.69 More Details
  • Ratchet Corkscrew

    Ratchet Corkscrew
    Open any bottle of wine with this innovative corkscrew. This Epicureanist Ratchet Corkscrew features a single handle that is used to ratchet out the cork from t...(more)

    $36.85 More Details
  • 1 qt. Carafes (Set of 2)

    1 qt. Carafes (Set of 2)
    Set of 2 stainless steel Carafes with a vacuumed glass liner. These 2 Copco carafes obtain a 1.0 qt. capacity each. There are convenient color coded buttons for...(more)

    $37.73 More Details
  • Wine Tool Set with Stand in Silver

    Wine Tool Set with Stand in Silver
    The 6-Piece Houdini Wine Tool Set with stand in silver features all the essential tools for opening, serving and sealing wine. The Houdini Corkscrew works like ...(more)

    $37.75 More Details
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