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State of the Economy - Time to Remodel Your Kitchen?

Lots of people wonder, “is it a good time to remodel my kitchen” There are many things to consider when thinking about timing, but one of the strongest gauges to help you is the strength of the economy; particularly the existing home market. ...

Utilizing Mobile Technology in Your Kitchen

Mobile technology is here to stay. There are so many different kinds of devices that it’s now very affordable to have them almost everywhere. There is no better place than the kitchen to utilize them in new ways. ...

Steps to a Successful Kitchen or Bath Remodel

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen or bath, knowing the order in which it is recommended to do things can save a lot of headaches. You don’t want people coming in and working on top of each other, nor do you want them to damage work that has already been done. When you know the best order, it not only can save time, but money as well. When certain things are done out of order it can actually end up costing you more money in the long run.   ...

Guide to Selecting Door Styles and Overlays


Cabinet Dealer or Big Box Store - Which is Better?

The Big Boxes (i.e. Home Depot, Lowes) sell a lot of cabinets…or do they  When you look at the overall numbers, yes, they DO sell a lot of cabinets (measured in the billions!).  BUT, when you look at each store, the numbers match more of a “mom and pop” style of cabinet dealer.  That’s because each store consists of maybe 2 or 3 designers, and they only average around $400,000 in sales per year each.  That’s only around $1 Million average per store.  Not t...

Countertops 101- Your Guide to Choosing the Right Countertop

One common dilemma homeowners face when remodeling their kitchen is what countertop is right for their kitchen. It can be pretty overwhelming when trying to choose the right countertop material. By learning about the different materials, and the pros and cons of each, you will feel better equipped to make an informed decision. ...

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