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Al Levi: Proactive vs. reactive hiring

If an employee quit tomorrow, would you be prepared...

Watch: Las Vegas plumber speaks alongside President Trump at White House briefing

“These are people who were really affected by President Trump’s tax cuts,” Universal Operations Manager Vic Poma said....

Millennials leading the growth of new home buyers

More than 70 million millennials are poised to dominate the home buying market in the months and years ahead. ...

The leak-detection revolution

New technologies are making leak detection smarter and more effective than ever before....

American Fire Sprinkler Association announces Patriot Chapter

The Yankee chapter will now be known as the Patriot chapter in the New England area. ...

PM Profile: NIBCO's Steve Malm and Ashley Martin

NIBCO’s Steve Malm and Ashley Martin discuss the company’s expansion and plans for the future. ...

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  • Spray Holder for Fairbury, Gray

    Spray Holder for Fairbury, Gray
    The Spray Holder for Fairbury is engineered to function flawlessly. Our superb design is durable and reliable. Once you confirm that this diverter will work wit...(more)

    $1.30 More Details
  • Westmere Nut

    Westmere Nut
    When it comes to repair parts, American Standard is the clear market leader. The durable construction of this Valve Nut reveals why. The brass construction hold...(more)

    $1.30 More Details
  • 9 mm x 1.5 mm O-Ring for Handle

    9 mm x 1.5 mm O-Ring for Handle
    This O-Ring kit is designed for use with your American Standard faucet. O-Rings will allow your faucet to function flawlessly. Once you confirm that it is compa...(more)

    $1.31 More Details
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