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Search results for "Plumbing - TOILET REPAIR & REPLACE"

  • Wax Toilet Bowl Gasket with Flange

    Wax Toilet Bowl Gasket with Flange
    The 7516 Wax Toilet Bowl Gasket with Flange is ideal for all toilet bowls. As a complete kit, it includes a polyethylene flange that is easy to install. It also...(more)

    $0.89 More Details
  • Hose Seal Kit

    Hose Seal Kit
    When it comes to repair parts, American Standard is the clear market leader. Once you experience the durable construction of this Seal Kit you'll see why it mak...(more)

    $1.30 More Details
  • Flush Valve Seal

    Flush Valve Seal
    This Flush Valve Seal is engineered to function flawlessly. Our superb design is durable and reliable. Once you confirm that this kit will work with your Americ...(more)

    $1.34 More Details
  • Toilet Trip Lever for Mansfield in Chrome

    Toilet Trip Lever for Mansfield in Chrome
    Replacing your Toilet Trip lever can add a new stylish touch to your bathroom and also save water and money by preventing a running toilet due to a worn out han...(more)

    $1.57 More Details
  • Flapper Chain

    Flapper Chain
    The 5014 replacement chain is designer for most toilet flappers. It is made from a sturdy stainless steel material that is built to last. It includes an easy-to...(more)

    $1.59 More Details
  • Bone Toilet Bolt Caps

    Bone Toilet Bolt Caps
    Fluidmaster offers toilet bowl caps to cover up and protect from unsightly, protruding hardware used to secure your toilet to the floor. It comes with two, easy...(more)

    $1.71 More Details
  • Rubber Pad

    Rubber Pad
    The American Standard rubber pad is made from durable, reliable, quality engineering and construction. Parts, hardware, and components are engineered to enhance...(more)

    $1.95 More Details
  • Seal Ring

    Seal Ring
    This Seal Ring is durable and easy to install. Once installed on the faucet base it provides a great seal and reliable performance. Refer to your faucet repair ...(more)

    $2.00 More Details
  • 1.5 in. Seal Washer

    1.5 in. Seal Washer
    These seal washers are durable and easy to install. The construction holds up in high-use areas, making it perfect for most applications. Refer to your faucet r...(more)

    $2.09 More Details
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