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General Pipe Cleaners water jet

General Pipe Cleaners’ portable JM-1000 Mini-Jet and JM-1450 water jet drain cleaners feature the new high-performance stainless steel braid jet hose that makes it easier to slide down 1 1/2” to 3” drain lines and more easily navigate tight bends, the company explains. ...

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Laars condensing boiler and water heater series

The MagnaTherm HTD series of condensing boilers and volume water heaters boasts real time O2 trim compensation that maintains ideal air-to-fuel ratios, full 20:1 turndown on all sizes to match varying load profiles and the Laars Linc icon-driven control system. ...

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Navien non-condensing tankless water heater

The Premium Non-condensing (NPN) series tankless water heaters will be offered in two series, the NPN-U (universal) and NPN-E (exterior), both of which will be available in 160,000 Btu/h, 180,000 Btu/h and 199,900 Btu/h models for either natural gas or liquid propane. ...

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Ranger Design parts cases and cabinets

Ranger Design’s redesigned Partskeeper cases and cabinets are the toughest in the industry and more dynamic than ever, the company notes. New steel end panels improve stability and allow more rigidity. ...

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Cutting commercial water consumption in California

Despite some reprieve from the draught that gripped the state for several years, Californians continue to find resourceful ways to trim their water consumption. Businesses large and small are no exception.  ...

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PHCC contractors find value in educational sessions, networking at CONNECT 2019

More than 900 plumbing, heating and cooling contractors raced into Indianapolis for PHCC’s annual CONNECT conference. ...

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Nicole Krawcke: Plumbing has entered the smart home market

Though smart home technologies have been around for quite some time, it is only over the past five years or so that the market has really taken off. ...

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